Every $50 spent on Cerimani jewelry provides one person one year of clean water.
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Water & knowledge

We exist to support communities

Cerimani’s pieces, ethically crafted with conflict-free traceable gemstones and precious metals, make a conscientious and bold statement confronting a decades-old problem.

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Our Bollé pieces are reminiscent of small bubbles grouping together, forming perfect 120 degree angles. Sparkling like a relaxing bubble bath, we place gemstones where these elegant lines meet.

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With paves of gemstones and geometric designs, the Favo collection brings a romantic modern twist to the sweet honeycombs found in nature.

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The Cerimani Way


Every piece of Cerimani jewelry is designed with our values in mind: Everyone is a craftsman. Impact through service to others. Keep it real. Can't stop, won't stop.


Every piece of jewelry contributes to water and educational programs
village by village through the help of the Karen Hilltribes Trust.


We hope that wearing
Cerimani jewelry will empower you throughout your day and into the night, serving as a reminder – to you and everyone you encounter – that you care.

Cerimani in the News

Also featured by the Karen HillTribes Trust and The Royal Thai Embassy in Washington, DC.

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